Pre-School Trip to Willows Farm Village

Dear Parent/Guardian

On Wednesday 25th June, we will be taking the children on a trip to ‘Willows Farm Village’ near St. Albans, Hertfordshire where they will enjoy firs hand experience of a wide range of farm animals.

We will be travelling by coach (seat belts fitted) and the cost will be £7.50 per child. This price has been subsidised by our fundraising this year. (The actual cost per child is £25.40 including coach & admission cost)

Please bring children to preschool for 8:55am as we will leave Redwood promptly at 9:15am. We will not wait for latecomers and refunds will not be given. Children will need to be collected from the preschool at 4pm.

The preschool will be closed during the trip.

Places are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. We will only be able to take children who are currently on the preschool roll. You will need to pay to secure the place.

As this is an all day outing, each child will need a packed lunch in a suitable container or bag clearly marked with the child’s name. If your child is toilet training or has accidents, please provide a named bag with a change of clothes and/or nappies/pull-ups. Please bear in mind that the weather can be changeable – jackets and sun-hats please and sensible shoes or trainers! If your child requires medication during the day e.g. asthma inhaler, please inform Kirstie.

We will need some parent/carer volunteers to accompany us. For trips and outings, the adult: child ratio is 1:2. Please inform Sarah or Sue if you would like to help. Only one parent/carer from family can attend and you will be responsible for your child plus one other pre-school child.

NO PARKING IN HOLLOWAY ROAD – Please note that on the day of the trip, parents who drop their child off by car will need to use Cornway so as to leave Holloway Road clear for the coaches to park.

Yours Sincerely,
Kirstie Macqueen
Preschool Coordinator & SENCO

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