Welcome to Redwood Pre-School


Redwood Preschool has been partially open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic caring for the children of critical workers, vulnerable children and children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) or a high level of Special Educational Needs.

Places from September 2020

All children who were on the term time roll on 20 March 2020 and are not transferring to primary school (Giraffes and Ladybirds) will remain on the roll for September 2020 unless you inform us that you no longer need the place. Children whose parents had accepted places and were due to enrol in March and April 2020 will be offered new enrolment dates in September 2020.

If your child is not already on roll, you are welcome to complete a term time application form which will be placed on our waiting list. We hope to offer places to all children who require a place from September, but this is dependent on any restrictions due to COVID-19.

Our form can be found here: Application form and can be completed, signed and returned by email to: redwoodpreschool@btconnect.com or by post to: Office Manager, Redwood Pre-School, The Bell Centre, 3 Holloway Road, London E11 4LD. Please ensure you complete the form in full and include your email address. We will keep in touch with parents on our waiting list to update you on any changes, further information/guidance, and when we can offer a place for your child to start.