Ofsted Inspections

April 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

The reports from our two Ofsted inspections which happened on 22 and 28 March 2018 have now been published. I am pleased to say that the provision for both the Ladybirds (Holy Trinity) and the Giraffes and Dinosaurs (The Bell Centre) was graded as ‘Good’.

Redwood Preschool is run as one preschool setting, but we have two registrations with Ofsted because the two buildings that we use have different front entrances. The same Ofsted inspector carried out both inspections and was very aware of the fact that the two groups are part of one preschool. The management and policy aspects of both inspections are the same, and during the Holy Trinity inspection the inspector spent time in the Bell Centre so that she could form a view on how the full time children experienced the transition between the two buildings at lunchtime. Many of the Redwood staff were observed and questioned twice in a week because they were involved with children from both buildings.

I would therefore urge you to read both reports so that you get a full picture of our inspection experience.

Both reports are available online on the Ofsted website


Although the most recent report for The Bell Centre shows ‘Previous inspection: not applicable’, our previous reports can be found if you click the ‘All providers’ tab. When we opened the Ladybirds, Ofsted allocated The Bell Centre a new Unique Reference Number (URN) and listed the old URN as ‘Closed’. We have been open throughout.

The reports are also available on our website at https://redwoodpreschool.org.uk/ and hard copies are available in The Bell Centre reception areas and at the entrance to the Ladybirds for you to read.

Kirstie Macqueen

Preschool Coordinator and SENCO

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