Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

All policies and procedures are available for parents to read in the Ladybird, Giraffe and Dinosaur reception areas.

Redwood Pre-School has the following policies and procedures:


1 Safeguarding children
1.0 Children’s rights and entitlements
1.1 Safeguarding children and child protection
1.1a PREVENT duty including the promotion of British values
1.1b The use of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS disclosures)
1.1c Female genital mutilation (FGM)
1.2 Confidentiality and client access to records
1.3 Information sharing
1.4 Late collection
1.4a Non-attendance
1.5 Missing child
1.6 Outings
1.7 Missing child on outings
1.8 Arrival and departure
1.8a Visitors
1.9 Making a complaint


2 Equality of opportunity
2.1 Valuing diversity and promoting equality
2.1a Accessibility
2.2 Supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities
2.3 Achieving positive behaviour


3 Promoting health and hygiene
3.2 Administering medicines
3.2a Managing children who are sick and infectious
3.3 Care routines
3.4 No smoking
3.5 Food and drink
3.6 First Aid


4 Employment
4.1 Employment and staffing
4.2 Whistle blowing
4.3 Staff induction
4.3a Supervision and appraisal
4.4 Holidays
4.4a Bereavement leave
4.5 Exit interviews
4.6 Grievance
4.7 Disciplinary
4.8 Children of staff
4.9 Volunteer induction
4.10 Volunteer expenses
4.11 Training
4.12 Student placement
4.13 Lone working policy


5 Health and safety
5.1 Risk assessment
5.2 Health and safety general standards
5.4 Fire safety and emergency evacuation
5.5 Recording and reporting of accidents and incidents including HSE + RIDDOR
5.6 Accident and emergency policy
5.7 Accident procedure
5.8 Food hygiene including food poisoning


6 Administration
6.1 Admissions, term time
6.2 Reception Class application and deferred entry to primary school


7 Childcare and education practice
7.1 Curriculum
7.2 Settling in preschool


8 Finance
8.1 Fees policy, term time
8.1a Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)
8.2 Fees policy, playscheme
8.3 Staff wages
8.4 Reserves
8.5 Fixed assets
8.6 Financial controls


9 Partnership
9.1 Parental involvement


10 Record keeping
10.1 Children’s records
10.2 Provider records
10.3 Data protection


  • Our commitments
  • Preschool Learning Alliance Preschool Constitution
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association